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Fortress Walls of Old Town Budva Available for Tourist Visits

The fortress walls of the Old Town Budva, which reveal the marvellous Budva Riviera, are officially open for visitors, and the entry ticket price is two euros.

As announced from the Museums and Galleries of Budva, the price of the ticket includes a brochure about the history of the fortress wall, which interested visitors can request in English, Russian, Montenegrin and soon in the German language. The access to the fortress walls of the Old Town Budva is currently available from 10 am to 6 pm. Starting from June 1, the working hours will be from 10 am to 8 pm.

Budva represents one of the oldest urban centers on the Adriatic, being more than 2,500 years old.

As vividly illustrated by Way to Monte, the mighty fortress wall around the Old Town Budva in Montenegro was rebuilt by the Venetians during the Renaissance after a devastating earthquake in the 17th century. The first defensive constructions of the city were erected at this location in the 9th century, and one of the ancient fortress walls was part of the Benedictine monastery that overlooked the coast. According to ancient engravings in the Museum of Budva, the city fortifications of the 16th century have six somewhat elongated towers and one round tower, between which there are stretched thick walls laid out of hewn stone. Its borders were unchanged for several centuries, as the number of residents of the city did not exceed 1000 people.

After the massive earthquake in Montenegro on April 15, 1979, Old Town Budva and its fortification wall were destroyed for the second time and restored only later in 1987. To date, the Old Town Budva is an architectural monument of antiquity and is protected by UNESCO. The Old Town Budva is a whole open-air museum with a great number of attractions, cultural sites and historical monuments where people still live in medieval buildings of hewn stone. Its protective fortress walls are a famous tourist attraction since the whole Budva Riviera is visible from the site. From this viewpoint, visitors can observe the modern residential part of Budva, fishing boats and luxurious yachts, various churches and temples, as well as ancient streets and ancient inner courtyards.

The fortress wall has a shape of a horseshoe, which means that it is not closed and visitors cannot make a full circle around the Old Town. Despite this, they can spend a lot of time looking at the brickwork and ancient loopholes, as well as enjoy stunning panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea, the mighty rocks, the marvelous nature of Montenegro and the coastal settlements.

National Park Biogradska Gora Gets Tourist Land Trains

According to the official announcement by the Public Works Directorate, National Park Biogradska Gora will launch a new segment of the tourist offer for this site, tourist land trains, by April 20.

“The delivery of all necessary equipment for the completion of tourist land trains, which will be used to transport visitors from Kraljevo kolo to Biogradsko Jezero, started last Friday in the Biogradska Gora National Park, and will be completed in the next ten days. After all the trains have been assembled and examined, we will organize an official test drive, after which the land trains will be officially delivered to the user company,” said the announcement from the Public Works Directorate.

The tourist land trains, according to the report, consist of a locomotive, two trailers for the transport of passengers with 20 seats and one trailer with 16 seats for persons with disabilities.

“The total value of the vehicles, according to the contract of the Public Works Directorate with the best bidder, Montenegrin Telekom, amounts to 549.757 EUR, with the delivery date by April 20,” the statement said.

The largest share of the investment, about 419.000 EUR was provided by the Government of Montenegro from the capital budget. “The rest of 130.800 EUR is financed by Montenegrin Chamber of Economy, based on the grant agreement with the National Parks of Montenegro, within the project “Development of low-carbon tourism in Montenegro “, where the UNDP is an implementing partner,” the statement said.

The Public Works Directorate conducted the tender procedure for procurement of two tourist land trains.

Adventure Park Vrbanj Opening Tomorrow, Free Entrance Till 1 May

The adventure park on Vrbanj, after the winter break, will again be open for visitors from 1 April, and the entrance will be free until 1 May. According to Milja Vitorović, director of the Orjen Protection and Development Agency, who is managing the Adventure Park, they are undergoing the preparations.

“We’re going to spend this weekend finishing the work. Park employees and the Agency’s oversight office performed a major cleaning that was necessary after the winter period. Although at a weekly level it worked during the winter, it was essential to complete the restoration. We have removed broken branches in the beech forest; the paths were thoroughly cleaned due to heavy rainfall during the winter.

There is also a smaller path to polygons 3 and 4, all based on project standards. The park is refreshed with the resting benches that are a novelty. Additional corrections were made to facilitate the work of the instructors. Soon will be finished the wooden advertisement that will be placed at the entrance,” explained Vitorovic.

Entrance to the park will not be charged until 1 May, and the price list must be approved by the members of the Assembly of the Municipality of Herceg Novi. “On 1st May we will have promotional prices and discounts for citizens of Herceg Novi. The price list has not yet received the approval of the Assembly, which we expect in mid-April. My proposal to the Cabinet of the President of the Municipality and the Assembly is that the entrance to the Children’s Adventure Park will be 5 euros and for adults 10, with citizens giving a 50 percent discount on the personal card. I hope it will be adopted,” said Vitorovic.

To Vrbanj there will be a regular bus line on weekends, and Vitorovic says they will try to match the time of the Adventure Park, which will be open from 10 am to 4 pm, while it will be upgraded during the summer season.

The Orjen Protection and Development Agency run the Adventure Development Park in Vrbanj since Friday. A contract on the assignment of a park free of charge between the Agency for the Construction and Development of the City, which has so far managed the park so far and the Orjen Development and Protection Agency, has been signed.

Obligations of the Agency are that the park is used following the conditions of the IPA project, which is mainly related to the billing. The requirement is that all revenue is used to maintain and develop the park. From the newspaper in Orjen Vitorović Nature Park for this season announces hiking, photo tours, sightseeing tours, bicycle tours, and many competitions. The adventure park on Vrbanj was built within the Adriatic Canyoning project worth over 300 thousand Euros, and from October opening, the park used and visited over 8 thousand visitors.

Source: Radio Jadran

Dubrovnik Ferry to Connect Montenegrin and Italian Coast in 2019

According to News Agency Jedro, during the summer season 2019, the Montenegrin and Italian coast will be connected by the Croatian ferry Dubrovnik.

Stock Company Barska plovidba and its Croatian partner Jadrolinija from Rijeka have been in charge of the Bar-Bari route, a service that exists over half a century, for two years in a row.

The representatives of Montenegrin company Barska plovidba recently confirmed for Jedro that the most reasonable and probable solution for the establishment of a seasonal ferry service between the cities of Bar (Montenegro) and Bari (Italy) is
the ferry Dubrovnik.

This will mark the third season in a row that the Croatian ship Dubrovnik takes over the Bar-Bari service line as the Montenegrin Stock Company Barska Plovidba still hasn’t purchased a ferry.

The managerial staff of SC Barska Plovidba visited Rijeka (Croatia) in February to negotiate business requirements, the timetable and schedule for ferries with managers of Croatia’s Jadrolinija.

“The 2019 summer season is about to start, and we had to provide an alternative solution for the Bar-Bari ferry line. We had good cooperation with Jadrolinija over the past two years, and we expect this collaboration to continue in the same way this year as well. Barska Plovidba’s still striving to buy a used passenger vessel that would take over the Bar-Bari line,” said the president of the Board of Directors of SC Barska Plovidba, Ljubo Kočović.

“This line was established in 1965, and so far it has transported two million passengers, 240.000 cars and about 100.000 trucks and trailers. For half a century, the number of passengers who have traveled on this route is four times bigger than the total number of people living in Montenegro, and our most successful business years were 1995, 1996, 2006, 2007 and 2008, “said Tihomir Mirković, Acting Director of Barska plovidba.

The ferry Dubrovnik has the length of 122,06 meters, a width of 18,82 meters and height of 12,55 meters with a gauge of 4,83 meters. The ferry’s structure includes a restaurant with 135 seats, a self-service restaurant with 224 seats, a cake shop, a bar with 274 seats, a video hall, a chapel and a playroom for children.

Flights to Montenegro: Lufthansa Tivat to Munich, Frankfurt Services Confirmed

The German Airline Lufthansa has confirmed that starting from April, the company will launch a seasonal flight from Tivat to Munich and Frankfurt in Germany as part of the expansion of the network in the Balkans Peninsula.

Lufthansa will enter the Montenegrin market next year by launching flights from Munich and Frankfurt to Tivat. Services from both German cities will be maintained once per week. The Munich-Tivat service will start April 13, while the Frankfurt-Tivat service will be launched three days later, April 16. The services will be maintained with the airline’s 136-seat Airbus A319 aircraft.

The Director of Lufthansa Group in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro and Slovenia, Bernhard Wodl, stated that Lufthansa decided to launch connections between Tivat and both its hubs in Germany, as the Montenegrin market has a lot of potentials. From Montenegro, passengers will be able to use Lufthansa’s large global network of hundreds of destinations and thousands of connections.

During the negotiations with the German airline, Danilo Orlandić, Head of the Airports of Montenegro, gave a statement on the importance of the connection with the German market and the cooperation with Lufthansa. “Lufthansa, as one of the most important carriers in Europe and the world, should be our partner. The German market is extremely important for our tourism industry. Furthermore, German airports have excellent worldwide connectivity, so the launch of new routes to this market is vital for the public, “said Orlandić.

Other Lufthansa Group-member airlines serving Montenegro include Austrian Airlines from Vienna to Podgorica, Brussels Airlines to Tivat, as well as Eurowings from Dusseldorf to Tivat. Other airlines which have already confirmed new flights to the Montenegrin market next year include Laudamotion from Stuttgart to Podgorica and Enter Air from Poznan to Tivat.

Lipa Cave Open for Visitors from April 1st

Lipa Cave, the first cave adventure in Montenegro offering a charming diversity of karstic features to provide visitors with a unique experience of the underground world, will open for visitors from April 1.

Located near Cetinje and visited by more than 20 thousand people per year, the cave will traditionally open its beautiful and wild system of 2.5 km of passages and halls for visitors in April.

The representatives of the tourist company Lipa Cave recently stated for Minabusiness News Agency that they were delighted with last year’s season. “As each year we noted the growth in the number of visitors, so we expect this trend to continue in the future,” said the company’s PR.

“We invite all readers to be informed about further activities and news on our website and social networks,” the company said.

Ticket prices will, as they say, remain the same as last year. The ticket price for adults is 10.9 EUR, for children up to five years 1 EUR, and for children from 5-15 years old 6.9 EUR. The family package costs 29.9 EUR and includes two adults and two or three children up to 15 years of age. The price includes parking, a train drive to the cave and back, a tour of the cave, a guide and insurance.

As explained by the tourist organization Lipa Cave, the cave was open for tours since 2015. All visitors of the cave are accompanied by local guides who are kind, helpful, and well-trained. Cave tours are easily accessible as Lipa Cave is located
only 33 km from Budva, 35 km from Podgorica, and 5 km from Cetinje. Its built-in trails and modern lighting make it even more attractive and perfectly safe.

The cave is preserved in line with high environmental conservation standards. Only a year later from its opening websites like Montenegro Travel, Trip Advisor, as well as many others recommended Lipa Cave as one of the best places to visit in Montenegro. All the efforts of the TO are focused on providing an unforgettable cave adventure to the cave’s visitors, which has placed it on the list of the attractions you must see in Cetinje.

Chinese Culture Week Organized in Podgorica, Montenegro

The culture, aesthetics, and traditions of China, one of the oldest civilizations in the world, will be presented to the Montenegrin audience through the Week of Chinese Culture. The program will be organized in Podgorica, from January 16 to 23, in the organization of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China.

The cultural wealth of China will be presented through three thematic units – Chinese Movie Week, National Symphony Concert and two-day Introduction to Chinese intangible heritage.

From January 16 to 22, the Cineplexx Cinema at the Delta City Mall will screen one of the best Chinese films every day at 6 pm. The first film which was screened is the rewarded drama “Aftershock,” which the audience has had the chance to watch on Wednesday. On Thursday, the visitors were able to see the film “Internal Affairs.” “Youth” will be screened on Friday, while on Saturday the audience will be able to enjoy the cult film from 1993, “Farewell My Concubine.” The Sunday projection is reserved for the romantic comedy “Love is not blind.”

On Monday, January 21, a film that won four Oscars, “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” will be screened at the Cineplex Cinema. The Chinese movie week will end after the screening of the film which was partly shot in Montenegro, “The Golden Job,” which is on the repertoire on January 22.

The Chinese National Symphony Concert will be held at the Montenegrin National Theatre on Thursday, January 17. On this occasion, Chinese artists gathered in the Gansu dance troupe will enrich the program with music and dance performance, introducing the audience with the culture from different parts of China. This troupe is the creator of the masterpiece of the Chinese dance theatre called “Silk Road”, which will be performed for the Montenegrin audience.

The Chinese Culture Week will end with the closing of the two-day manifestation – Introduction to Chinese Intangible Heritage. In the central atrium of Delta City Mall, during January 22 and 23, the customs and heritage of the city of Guangzhou, the cultural centre of Southeast Asia, will be presented.

Visitors will be able to get acquainted with the process of creating many famous Chinese handicrafts, such as colourful figures made of rice, festive lanterns made of paper tape, as well as with ancient painting skills, stone carving, incense burning and tea drinking, which all have an essential place in the culture of China.

The entrance to all events is free, but due to the limited number of seats, it is necessary to reserve tickets for the institutions hosting the events (Cineplexx and the Montenegrin National Theatre).

By marking the Chinese Culture Week, the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China strives to contribute to further understanding of the Chinese customs by the people of Montenegro. The Chinese Culture Week is organized as an overture to the Chinese New Year, the most important traditional Chinese holiday, which begins on February 5, 2019.

Source: TVCG


Porto Montenegro Named Best Luxury Residential Development

Porto Montenegro was awarded recognition at this year’s prestigious regional CIJ Awards for Serbia and Southeast Europe, with successes across three categories: Best Lux Residential Development, Best Overall Residential Development, and Best Marketing & PR Campaign of the Year. Competing against some strong real estate candidates in the region, Porto Montenegro managed to secure the most significant and best-ranked nominations, as voted by a network of members and partners of CIJ, the CEE & SEE Europe’s Real Estate businesses.

The Porto Montenegro marina village features contemporary chic residences with architecture inspired by the Italian Riviera, ideally suited to the surroundings of the Bay of Kotor. The residences offer studio, one-, two-, and three-bedroom configurations and luxury penthouses, roof terraces and infinity pool podiums with spectacular views of one of the most beautiful bays in the world, as well as a stunning backdrop of Mount Lovćen. These are all factors that make Porto Montenegro one of the most prestigious addresses on the Montenegrin coast, with 290 completed residential units and a total of 410 anticipated in summer 2019, commented National PR Manager at Porto Montenegro, Kristina Skanata.

These awards serve as an acknowledgment to the investors, team of architects and interior designers, and all partner companies involved in the construction of the development. Above all, we are particularly proud to have received the award for the Best Marketing & PR Campaign of the Year. This tells us that we’ve succeeded in promoting a positive image of Porto Montenegro throughout the region, as well as promoting the Tivat Riviera and Montenegro as a destination, she added.

The third CIJ Awards Serbia/SEE took place in Belgrade this week at the Hyatt hotel with a multinational crowd on hand to cheer on the winners. The region has been the focus of an increasing level of investment into real estate, including industrial, retail and residential projects. The results of this wave of investment is now making itself felt in the country with increasing numbers of high-quality projects hitting the market, commented Robert Fletcher, General Manager of CIJ. The CIJ Awards is a coveted annual awards ceremony for the real estate industry across South East Europe organized by CIJ EUROPE, the leading real estate news provider across North to South East Europe. CIJ EUROPE was founded in 1994.