According to the official announcement by the Public Works Directorate, National Park Biogradska Gora will launch a new segment of the tourist offer for this site, tourist land trains, by April 20.

“The delivery of all necessary equipment for the completion of tourist land trains, which will be used to transport visitors from Kraljevo kolo to Biogradsko Jezero, started last Friday in the Biogradska Gora National Park, and will be completed in the next ten days. After all the trains have been assembled and examined, we will organize an official test drive, after which the land trains will be officially delivered to the user company,” said the announcement from the Public Works Directorate.

The tourist land trains, according to the report, consist of a locomotive, two trailers for the transport of passengers with 20 seats and one trailer with 16 seats for persons with disabilities.

“The total value of the vehicles, according to the contract of the Public Works Directorate with the best bidder, Montenegrin Telekom, amounts to 549.757 EUR, with the delivery date by April 20,” the statement said.

The largest share of the investment, about 419.000 EUR was provided by the Government of Montenegro from the capital budget. “The rest of 130.800 EUR is financed by Montenegrin Chamber of Economy, based on the grant agreement with the National Parks of Montenegro, within the project “Development of low-carbon tourism in Montenegro “, where the UNDP is an implementing partner,” the statement said.

The Public Works Directorate conducted the tender procedure for procurement of two tourist land trains.