According to News Agency Jedro, during the summer season 2019, the Montenegrin and Italian coast will be connected by the Croatian ferry Dubrovnik.

Stock Company Barska plovidba and its Croatian partner Jadrolinija from Rijeka have been in charge of the Bar-Bari route, a service that exists over half a century, for two years in a row.

The representatives of Montenegrin company Barska plovidba recently confirmed for Jedro that the most reasonable and probable solution for the establishment of a seasonal ferry service between the cities of Bar (Montenegro) and Bari (Italy) is
the ferry Dubrovnik.

This will mark the third season in a row that the Croatian ship Dubrovnik takes over the Bar-Bari service line as the Montenegrin Stock Company Barska Plovidba still hasn’t purchased a ferry.

The managerial staff of SC Barska Plovidba visited Rijeka (Croatia) in February to negotiate business requirements, the timetable and schedule for ferries with managers of Croatia’s Jadrolinija.

“The 2019 summer season is about to start, and we had to provide an alternative solution for the Bar-Bari ferry line. We had good cooperation with Jadrolinija over the past two years, and we expect this collaboration to continue in the same way this year as well. Barska Plovidba’s still striving to buy a used passenger vessel that would take over the Bar-Bari line,” said the president of the Board of Directors of SC Barska Plovidba, Ljubo Kočović.

“This line was established in 1965, and so far it has transported two million passengers, 240.000 cars and about 100.000 trucks and trailers. For half a century, the number of passengers who have traveled on this route is four times bigger than the total number of people living in Montenegro, and our most successful business years were 1995, 1996, 2006, 2007 and 2008, “said Tihomir Mirković, Acting Director of Barska plovidba.

The ferry Dubrovnik has the length of 122,06 meters, a width of 18,82 meters and height of 12,55 meters with a gauge of 4,83 meters. The ferry’s structure includes a restaurant with 135 seats, a self-service restaurant with 224 seats, a cake shop, a bar with 274 seats, a video hall, a chapel and a playroom for children.