Lipa Cave, the first cave adventure in Montenegro offering a charming diversity of karstic features to provide visitors with a unique experience of the underground world, will open for visitors from April 1.

Located near Cetinje and visited by more than 20 thousand people per year, the cave will traditionally open its beautiful and wild system of 2.5 km of passages and halls for visitors in April.

The representatives of the tourist company Lipa Cave recently stated for Minabusiness News Agency that they were delighted with last year’s season. “As each year we noted the growth in the number of visitors, so we expect this trend to continue in the future,” said the company’s PR.

“We invite all readers to be informed about further activities and news on our website and social networks,” the company said.

Ticket prices will, as they say, remain the same as last year. The ticket price for adults is 10.9 EUR, for children up to five years 1 EUR, and for children from 5-15 years old 6.9 EUR. The family package costs 29.9 EUR and includes two adults and two or three children up to 15 years of age. The price includes parking, a train drive to the cave and back, a tour of the cave, a guide and insurance.

As explained by the tourist organization Lipa Cave, the cave was open for tours since 2015. All visitors of the cave are accompanied by local guides who are kind, helpful, and well-trained. Cave tours are easily accessible as Lipa Cave is located
only 33 km from Budva, 35 km from Podgorica, and 5 km from Cetinje. Its built-in trails and modern lighting make it even more attractive and perfectly safe.

The cave is preserved in line with high environmental conservation standards. Only a year later from its opening websites like Montenegro Travel, Trip Advisor, as well as many others recommended Lipa Cave as one of the best places to visit in Montenegro. All the efforts of the TO are focused on providing an unforgettable cave adventure to the cave’s visitors, which has placed it on the list of the attractions you must see in Cetinje.